My Supply Tech Purchasing and Dialysis Inventory Management System

My Supply Tech (MST) is a powerful dialysis-specific web-based purchasing and inventory management program. Control and manage your purchasing and inventory easily from your office, home, or on the road by accessing MST’s powerful tools. 

MST works for acute/in-patient or outpatient programs, including home-only programs. Easily manage a single facility or hundreds of units with its sophisticated tools designed to save you time and money. Supplies are automatically deducted from your inventory count as they are used. When an order is received, a single click updates your inventory count; no need to scan items when they are added or removed from you inventory.

  • Control your inventory like never before

  • Simplify your supply ordering

  • Generate standard and custom reports anytime to track total usage and usage per treatment, perform financial analyses, spot issues on the treatment floor, view actual versus expected usage, and much more

Save enough in time and money that MST more than pays for itself

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